Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Luke!

Yay!  Luke is ONE!  He can even show you with his finger when you ask him!

Luke is pure entertainment to the family.  We love watching his milestones.  And it's fun to have him join in the family tickle monster wrestles.

He is on the road to be a politician or pageant queen someday, I'm sure.  He loves to wave at anyone and everyone who he can engage!  It's quite the spectacle at Costco.

He has mastered the social laugh.  Whenever he hears someone laughing even in the other room, he cackles along. 
He is a gentle giant. 

I'm going to miss his waddle crawl now that he's starting to walk.  As he goes across the floor his toes turn up and his hips swing side to side!

I'm not going to miss the social biting phase, however!  He got both me AND Wesley yesterday really badly!  Let's hope he outgrows this phase by Preschool!

I love that he cries when the cleaning lady, Estela leaves.  He certainly has a crush on her!

I love that he eats most anything that is placed before him. Vegetables, Meats, Fruits, Grains, Cheeses! He is an adventurous eater, so he fits right in with the family.

Here's to many more years to come!  We love you, Lukey!


nyclizzie said...

Test. where is my picture?

Nikki said...

OH MY GOSH!!! He is soooo big and such a CUTIE! He's turing more and more into a little boy each time you post pictures. He's still looking pretty squeezable to me though!

nyclizzie said...

Ok, here it is now. Crazy Blogger.

tenacious d said...

Yay! Happy birthday Lukey! He is adorable, which is typical for your kids.

Allison said...

10 more days and we're there too!

Darrell said...

Sounds like he'd get on well with Lydia!

lisapow said...

so cute!