Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a great Father's Day Weekend away on the shores of CT.  Here is a cute video I captured of Luke on the beach.

The ward where we spent Father's Day morning in Madison had the cutest idea to honor the fathers of the ward.  They baked 13 homemade pies and had them all cut and set out on plates in the cultural hall after church. The chairs were arranged in a few curved rows facing the middle of the hall and the partition accordion doors were closed.  After each father picked out his pie and sat, the doors were opened up to several rows of their primary children singing the sweetest Father's Day Songs both original and standard.  It was such a darling effect.  The pie was only for them and they all loved it!

Wesley made Evan a cake and a cute card that told him what he loved about him and what he loves to do with Evan and Sophia made Evan a tie that was decorated including his AGE and an essay about what she loves about Evan. And Luke just whined and giggled a lot on Sunday! We love you, Daddy Evan!