Saturday, May 31, 2008

12 years of BLISS

To my Evan, I dedicate this post. 

(the rest of you can read ahead if you want or just listen to the music!)


...have been up for all of my crazy adventures. Remember going to Nashville and Florida on a whim? What fun!
...are great at pulling together wonderful meals out of "nothing" in the fridge.
...are so supportive with all of my ideas. Like using leftover slate tiles as table chargers.
...are a true friend. Thanks for all the texts, emails, calls and notes.
...have shared your shoes with me.  Can you believe we wear the same size?!
...make beautiful kids. 
...are adorable when I catch you fibbing or sneaking things. Like food in the sunroom!

...complete and perfect me.

You're my "everything!"


Kyndra said...

Congrats! You guys make a great team and are both fun to be around (because you are individually and collectively cool!).

Nikki said...

WOW 12 Years!! That's awesome! I hope Ben and I are as happy and in love as you guys are when we make it to 12!

Allison said...

you guys are both cool. i miss having you close by. GO WEST!