Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sophia's been published!

Sophia's had the great fortune of having two teachers in a row that are part of a writer's workshop program from Columbia University.  This year they each wrote and illustrated an essay and Mrs. Lee had them bound into a professional book for each of the students!  The parents were invited to the author's party yesterday for the unveiling of the book entitled, "Best Friends!"  Each student wrote about their best friends both animate and inanimate.  It was so darling to hear them each read their page and to see the hard work that they put into their story!  

It was a great exercise in public speaking as well as showcasing their work. 

Sophia wrote about her BFF Halle Kate who moved to Texas when we moved to Westchester.

Sophia & Halle Kate age 3 1/2 Central Park

Here is the video of her reading.  Great content if you're a grandparent!  LOL

Great job, Sophia!
(And yes, that IS a tank top she is wearing at school.  I'm much more comfortable with it when it's not snowing outside!)

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