Sunday, May 31, 2009

13 Years...

Can it be this was us 13 years ago?

I remember this day of meeting Evan's family for the first time.  Driving to Malibu to have our engagement shots taken by Trevor. Loving the green hills of Spring in Southern California.  Frolicking on the beach.  Excited for merging our lives and living happily ever after...

3 kids
7 mailing addresses
many trips
many heartaches
many happinesses
lots of trials
and lots of fun later...

Still happy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Lily is COMING! Anyone want a session?!

Blue Lily is an awesome viral Photographer!  I say viral because her business has become so well known and exploded all over the blogger world.  I don't have to say much because her work screams for itself.  She is simply amazing and creative and humble and fun and she loves me, so of course I think she ROCKS!

Anyway, to my point--- she is on her way to NY right this minute for a traveling photo session promotion for 5 days. She is doing urban shots in TriBeCa and nature shots in Central Park. 

I just talked to her and while her schedule is mostly full, she has a few openings left, so if you're interested in a last minute photo shoot, shoot me a comment and I'll hook you up. (or contact her through her site & say you want the "Liz Special!")  She's willing to cut her rate significantly on these last few openings just to fill up, so better hurry!  

For a gallery of her work, go here.

For her blog and more information about her traveling sessions, go here.

For one of my top 5 favorite Blue Lily shoots, go here!

Be prepared to be blown away!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my MOMMY by Sophia

Happy Mother's Day! My mom is the best mom this year, because she got the award to be the Mother Of The Year! Well not really, that's just a joke. Someone sent a video to my mom.(I don't know why?) Anyway, my name is Sophia  Smith, I am 7, turning 8 in September. I know my mom is one of the best moms in the whole entire world. My mom is pretty and nice. She is tall and has three kids.(I'm one of them.) My mom's name is Liz Smith. Her husband's name,(My dad's name) is Evan Smith. That's my part of my mom's blog.