Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Night in Tuscany

Evan and I offered a dinner hosted in our home for a Service Auction a few months ago. We finally found a date that worked for everyone and made it happen last week. I thought I'd post the yummy dinner we prepared.  The lucky bidders were the Gibbs, the Jensons, and superstar Erin Thorn!  (check out this link, she really is amazing!)

We started off with two kinds of bruschetta, portobello with parsley and cannellini sage. (sorry, no photo, but just imagine toasted goodness packed with lots of flavor!)

The first course was an asparagus red pepper risotto, an Evan original based on techniques he learned in Tuscany.

Then I did a insalata mista in prosciutto cups. (mixed salad in prosciutto cups)

The main course was a pork roast with prunes in a honey glaze with roasted apples and new potatoes.

The grand finale was our favorite Crostata di Frutta (fruit tart with pastry creme)

Evan and I are a great team.  We love cooking together!  Buon Appettito!


tenacious d said...

Looks delicious! Hey, we're getting our community supported agriculture produce box on Thursday. Got any good recipies for purslane or turnips?

Allison said...

that looks heavenly!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

What Allison said.

Alexis said...

Hey Liz and Evan!!! This is Alexis, Desiree's daughter! I am so glad I found you on Martha's blog! It's so good to see that you guys are doing well. You can catch up with me and my family (weird that I have my own family now) at our blog. The address is lovethelesas.blogspot.com. I will be checking up on you guys!

lisapow said...

YUMMY! Man I miss out on all the good stuff! I would totally have bid on that!

Denise said...