Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, WESLEY!

Dear Wesley,

Four amazing years have passed by, it's hard to believe!  You are such a fun loving charming boy.  I'm loving your personality and how you get so attached to your toys!  I've heard of kids sleeping with their stuffed animals, but I find it so endearing to see you tucked in bed with your Speed Racer cars held tightly--one in each hand as you're sound asleep!  Your smile is so genuine.  Thank you for caring about me and wanting to always be close.  It was so cute today when you were ahead of me on the trail and you turned around to ask, "Mom, are you ok?!"  I hope you always maintain that great quality to look after your MOM!

You have an amazing memory.  I love how you know all about Sharks and which ones are the most dangerous.  Who knew there was one called a "Wobbegong" or a "Basking?"  You certainly do.  It's so fun to listen to you talk about all the insects you know all about.

I love how you play with Sophia & Luke!  When you all get the giggles together, it's heaven on earth!  May you always be friends like you are now.

Here's to many many more Happy Birthdays, Wesley!  Now that you're 4, I think you should  be able to sleep in your own bed all night, though! ;-)


Fourth Birthday Party at Opening Day of WALL E

At the Interactive Bob Dylan Exhibit at the Skirball Museum, Los Angeles 2008

Fall 2007

Oakland Beach, 2007
Credit: Smith Chick Photography 


esmith2112 said...

You rock, Wesley! I had a great time at your party. It has been great watching you grow over the years. You've been a great asset to our family. I can't imagine life without you. I'll play Speed Racer with you any time! (And about that sleeping in your own bed thing... I agree, 4 is a good age to do that.)

tenacious d said...

Happy birthday, Wesley!!! You are so lucky to have been born into your family. Love you!!

Darrell said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! A good day for birthdays. My mum's and sister's!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Welsey!

I heard about your blog from Lisa Powell and linked to it through her blog. I am going to browse around and catch up with you guys. One thing I notice right away is how grown up the kiddos look! Oh, and your renovated kitchen is fabulous!

Please give me a call when you come to Utah!

Liz Kennedy