Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cheesiest Birthday EVER!

Evan jumped into twin double digits today!  Yay! (figure that one's not 33! LOL)

The kids were so excited about Evan's birthday all day that they were scheming and planning and cutting and taping and hard at work in spurts! (picture to come...)

The morning started off with surprise lemon curd and cream crepes in bed coupled with a very vivacious rendition of the happy birthday song!  Yummy!

Then a day full of work from bed on his back with his laptop on his knees! (Evan's still suffering from his 3 slipped disks in his neck!  We need a cure, fast!)

Finally, we ended the day with a great trip to the fab NYC restaurant Artisanal.  It's a French Bistro who specializes in over 250 cheeses!  We were in heaven!  When Evan and I lived in Italy 6 years ago, we used to make it a point to always come home from our weekly shopping trip to Carrefour with a unique and unusual cheese.  We loved the variety that was offered in the stores in Italy and it really helped culture our taste in cheese!  Tonight we had a delicous 3 cheese french onion soup, a charcutterie and cheese platter--the creamy California Truffle cheese was our favorite, and a Skate wing!  It was an utterly delicious culinary dining adventure!  The maitre'd was on top of things and ended the meal with a surprise "Happy Birthday" confection personalized for Evan!  Thanks Artisanal, can't wait to come back--afterall we only have 243 cheeses left to try!

This had to be your cheesiest birthday yet!  Am  I right?  Congratulations and may this year be a better year!  We love you!  xoxo,  Liz, Sophia, Wesley & baby Luke


Kyndra said...

Crepes in the morning and Artisinal at night - I don't think a birthday could be better than that! Happy Birthday Evan!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday cuz! We are getting old. I'm pushing the big 50. I can't believe it!!

Grandma Linda said...

I celebrated your birthday all day long...after all, it was my very first 'birth' day....
luv mom

lisapow said...

You are a very good party planner! Sounds like a great birthday!

Darrell said...

Happy 55th Evan!!!