Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last weekend was a hit with the kids and the adults alike!  We spent the weekend in the Berkshires which is a mountain range in SW Massachusetts.  The geography and drive were reminiscent of Southern Germany.  Lots of rolling green hills, meadows, quaint farms and just plain loveliness!
Benton Brook Farm Egg Hunt--Otis, MA

The first part of Saturday was spent on the farm of some people we know from Westchester.  They hosted an egg hunt and picnic that got snowed out due to the weather in March this year.  The setting was just beautiful on this 100+ acre farm in the middle of somewhere.  The kids enjoyed the egg hunt in the rolling hills, tractor rides, bingo in the barn and just plain outdoor freedom.  The adults enjoyed great food, conversation, laying on blankets in the meadow and the relaxation!

The coincidence was that we have some other friends that just bought a 200 year old Inn next to Butternut Ski Resort that was on the SAME road as this farm where the egg hunt was and they had invited us up for Memorial Weekend!  We were so excited to see what Peter and Caitlin had been talking about these last few months.  We anxiously arrived to a quaint old Inn formerly known as The Turning Point.  

The Inn

Caitlin and Peter don't plan on being Inn Proprietors, but rather use it as their ski house for the winter months.  It had endless rooms and bathrooms, a chef's kitchen, a great backyard for the kids to roam all day and the lovely fragrance of lily of the valley wafting about when you walk outside. Caitlin's already been busy fixing the rooms up to her liking and making it into a fun weekend hideaway.

The McNally/Smith Clan at Bash Bish Falls, NY

Along the hike, Wesley had to do this bridge over and over!
I think it was the element of danger that got him.

Sophia was in heaven playing with Cricket & Grace

Peter, Me & Caitlin in their chef's kitchen

Evan entertaining us with one of his "original" songs

We had a blast over the weekend with hiking to waterfalls with Luke strapped to our backs, playing guitar, making and eating scrumptious food, and just kicking back with great friends!  The goat farm we visited had the most deliciously fresh cheese. Sophia is in heaven and I keep packing it in her lunch.  I'll bet she's the only kid in the 1st grade that has goat cheese and tomatoes for lunch!  She would literally sit and eat it like ice cream if I let her. Wesley fell in love with a few kids (baby goats) at the farm!

Rawson Goat Farm-- Monterey, MA

We went on a little hike on an old part of the Appalachian Trail.  Luke fell asleep right before we were heading out, so I just left him in the stroller and figured we'd go as far as we could with the stroller and I'd head back.  I went about a 1/2 mile up and then Evan, Peter and the kids continued on. When they got back, Wesley had the most adorable manhandled bunch of dandelions he had picked for me in a meadow.  He is such his Mamma's boy!

So glad Evan captured my flower picker on the hike!


Kyndra said...

I love the pic of Wesley with the dandelions. What a fun weekend! Everything looks beautiful. I wish I could smell the lily of the valley.

I LOVE that Sophia loves goat cheese. Coolest 1st grader ever in my book.

Holladay Photo said...

thanks for your comment, yes, it is a small small world- that's crazy!
what a fun post about the Berkshires! It looks completely lovely there. Green meadows and old inns and farms are the best!