Friday, May 9, 2008

To Mothers: Past, Present & Future...

In celebration of Mothers, 

To my grandmother, who continues to nurture, show patience and peacekeeping: I have a lot to learn from you still!  91 and still going strong. Thanks for letting me tease you, "old lady"!  I love you, Grandma Buddy!

To my mother, who has instilled a love of entertaining, homemaking and travel.  Many of my adventures, I owe to you!  Remember a midnight pizza run in Siena?  Nothing could have tasted better that night!  Thank you for teaching me so many things, Mom! 

To myself, who has realized that there are many seasons to life and this one is particularly tiring, and particularly endearing with the abundance of learning and milestones.  May I get a good nap soon and treasure the mishaps of the days! (and there are many!)

To my Sophia, who has so many budding qualities of mothering I see everyday.  I am so proud of you and your love of your brothers. You are on the road to an amazing journey of motherhood!  Your sweet and spicy personality are a perfect complement!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

xoxo, liz


tenacious d said...

That's lovely, Liz! Remember the days when you wondered if you'd ever be a mother? Your patience and faith have been rewarded with three of the cutest kids ever.

Allison said...

happy mama's day to you!

Kyndra said...

Happy Mother's Day! And I must say that Sophia shows the most sweet mothering qualities every time I am around her. You have a sweet sweet little girl!