Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sophia's Party


Why are Sophia's parties so fun for me and Evan?  I think we have just as much fun as the kids! This year, I pulled it together very last minute and I have to admit that Evan did most of the party and I just did the shopping & styling part.  We are a great team! Unlike most of my parties, there was no defined theme, but I decided to go with a pink and orange color scheme.  It all came together so beautifully.  

When the girls arrived, they made firecracker necklaces out of patterned paper triangles and rolled them on sticks until they formed a long bead.  Once they had completed 20 or so, they strung them on cording.  This was a really fun and darling craft for them!

Then the girls were each given a mini cake to frost and decorate.  We brought out bags of tinted buttercream frosting with different tips and taught the girls to make flowers, polka dots,  flourishes and to get creative and have fun with the tips!  They were all elated to find out that there were endless possibilities.

Evan lead a killer game of Queen Elephant where each person has assigned an animal and a sign to do and the object of the game is to knock the Queen Elephant out of the top position so you can keep moving up.  It was a wonderful way to tone down the exhuberance that a 7 year old party can generate after much sugar and excitement and redirect their energy into winning a game.  Brilliant!

The food was normal kid-pleasing fare of corner pizza and pink lemonade and then the cake that Evan so beautifully made and decorated.  It was delicious!

Sophia, thanks for letting us share your party with you!  Glad you had a great time! xoxo

Old-fashioned Beadmaking fun

Emily's cake decorating talent

Letting the creative juices flow

Everybody do the crab

Cakes all packaged up to take home

Unplanned twinners--and they fit the color scheme too!


esmith2112 said...

What? No cake pic?

nyclizzie said...

For some reason, the greatness of your cake keeps locking up the uploader. I seriously tried it about 5 times or more last night and it ALWAYS got stuck on that picture of her blowing out her candles! For the delectable delicacy, scroll up to the Happy Birthday, Sophia post. You'll see it there, but it doesn't taste as good as in person! It was so moist and delish! xoxo

Darrell said...

Can't believe she's 7 already! I remember Jenny and I coming in to see her at the hospital newly born!

lisapow said...

how fun!!! what a great idea for a party. I love the little cakes!