Monday, September 29, 2008


I finally got to meet one of my idols!  Miss Martha Stewart.  Yep.  It was amazing.  By association of my Gourmet Club, I was able to secure us tickets for our group to go to the show today.  The anticipation of going has been so fun because I have been a fan of Martha and all the equity she has brought back into the home and homemaking aspect of life since I was a teenager.  I've always been fascinated with executing a lovely dinner table and making it visually appealing, interesting and fun.  I love how expeditious she is and how's she's made her life into an art, just being Martha.  I find it a compliment when someone says, "You're so Martha,"  when I've done something creative.  ( I won't get into the dark side of Martha, we all have skeletons, eh?! LOL)

Anyway, going to the show was sincerely a fun experience and with so many of my gourmet girlfriends.  The show was very interesting in and of itself.  We all fell in love with Josh Bernstein.  He was HOT-HOT-HOT and had a darling, charming personality.  Then, another segment was about refinishing fine metal. Some may yawn, but not me! It reminded me of my days working at Tiffany almost a decade ago!  She had a lovely butler's tray re-worked and refinished by a company in Queens that came to the show.  I thought it was so fascinating to see the fine metalworking in progress!  The last part of the show was with Chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef and proprietor of several restaurants.  He made some scrumptious fare that had our mouths watering.  Disappointing that there weren't tastes for the whole audience or at least US, but we survived, it just tempted our palates for lunch at his place 'wich craft.  Delicious!

So, after the show was done taping, our group was beckoned by the stage manager to come up to her cooking island while she was answering audience questions.  The in-house photographer positioned us just so leaving a spot in the middle for the Maven herself and took several test shots and then repositioned some of us with tweaks here and there.  We really weren't sure what to expect and were excited about all the extra treatment!  When she was done, she came over and greeted us, then snuck into position for a few shots, then turned and talked to us for a few moments.  She wanted to know a little about our group and Kirstin's cause and blog.  It was really great moment!

My impressions of the show was that it is an extremely large and organized production!  I can't believe how smoothly everything runs there and the multitude of people to make it so.  Before the show, there were several workers in the greenhouse area of the stage sweeping up and moving flora around.  Then they would go back and do more tasks, etc.  She never even went into the greenhouse or addressed it, yet they had been busy at work tinkering there.  There were at least 6 people in her prep kitchen busily working like Santa's elves.  Everyone seems VERY intent on doing their job and doing it WELL.  When the show was taping and in between segments, there were about 30 crew members scurrying about.  Now I know why I can't keep algae off my slate patio for more than a week at a time, fresh flowers changed daily in my house, my windows spotless, my curio cabinets filled with interesting and up to date items changed out often and to coordinate with my daily outfit, my kitchen kept clean and organized and all my recipes rehearsed before the performance (dinner!)!!!  Because I don't have a staff of 30 at my beck and call.  It was an a-ha moment, I finally figured out  why nobody can really be "Martha" like she does it!  Because Martha is the face of a well oiled machine!!!

Keep it up Martha, we can all dream!


Allison said...

oh i'm so glad you had fun. wish i could have been there too. i miss the gourmet club

gfcfmom said...

I love your synopsis of our adventure. It was so much fun. I haven't blogged about it. I have been swamped with things to do blah,blah, blah and probably won't get to it. But I do want to submit my blog to the show--you should too! You are a very talented writer. I mean--that is so MARTHA!

lisapow said...

So fun! What a great thing to do!