Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evan's MUSIC

Evan has finally put his music that he made a few decades ago online.  Go here if you want to check it out!  You can listen to it and buy it if you want to download it and make us rich-- .69 at a time! 

By the way, that's not a real guitar--it's from Guitar Hero!

Update:  I guess I should explain the picture!  This in NOT his normal garb.  We were at a RockBand party hosted by our friends and we like to get into character for the fun party. RockBand is a video game that has instruments that you get to play virtually.  My favorite is the DRUMS!  There is also a bass, guitar and vocals.  You should find a RockBand party to attend and don your favorite thick black eyeliner and Metallica concert t-shirt.  You'll be glad you did!


esmith2112 said...

I keep waiting for the real instrument version of Guitar Hero!

Kyndra said...

I checked out the music. "Ode to a Pimple" had me busting up!

Shannon said...

You are amazing. I have to admit that I expected hearing some roudy music after seeing you jam in that picture.

I listened to the music and it's great! Thanks for sharing!

fcpninja said...

You are a rock star.

Data base programming is for people that don't have your massive talent. And boyish good looks. And humongous brain.

nyclizzie said...

Update: thanks everyone! We are now $8.24 rich!!! We can finally pay for a half hour of babysitting and a diet coke! This is great!