Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My little bike RIDERs!

All excuses aside.  This was the week my daughter would finally be taught how to ride a bike!  I knew she was ready and the process took about 20 minutes.  Interestingly enough, she did best when Evan and I weren't watching.  (or she didn't think we were, at least!) I knew she was ready and that she could do it, I just needed to find away to make her BELIEVE!  I was pleased with the results!  Wow, my little post September 11th baby has sure come a long way!  She's growing up fast!

Then my garage saleing talent this week yielded some wonderful finds:  the most important to Wesley being a brand new Trek bike trailer that attaches to Evan's bike.  He was giddy with excitement as we got it installed!  He was so thrilled to do our 3 road loop over and over again.  Daddy got quite a workout and Wesley had an eternal smile!  Pure joy!

Yay for bikes!  I can't wait until we find a way to get me and Luke in on the action!  The infant seat we have doesn't fit any of our bikes.  We'll figure something out.  Until then, Ride ON!


tenacious d said...

Congratulations, Sophia! That's quite good for a not-quite-seven-year-old. (You could raise her seat a little bit.)

esmith2112 said...
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nyclizzie said...

Have you been talking to Evan, D? We had a heated argument about this very thing. He wants it up, but I know from my experience that when you don't feel the security of being able to touch the ground with your feet easily, it's too daunting and so I won and lowered the seat and that's when she finally took off on her own. She won't let me raise it now, but I might gradually do it every so often when she's not looking. Sneaky mom!