Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wesley said...

"I'm too hungry to eat!"

When the dental hygienist finished his teeth today, I overheard him answer her, "That was AWESOME!"

"I don't want to go skiing today, but will you still buy me Clone Wars jammies?!?!" after I was trying to bribe him to ski. (he hates the cold like I do)

"Can we still go back to that house with the video games?!" (He's so cofused at who everyone is out in Utah. "That" house refers to his cousins' house.

"I want NOTHING and I don't want to go NOWHERE!" This is a regular extreme tired Wesley response.

We love you, Wesley, even though at the end of each exhaust us! xoxo


Kyndra said...

Too hungry to eat? Now that is really hungry! Lexi tells me she is too shy to eat all the time.

Grandma Linda said...

Well, he didn't get the 'too hungry to eat' line from me!!!!

the dickamores. said...

Liz! i love your blog and i love your family! how much they have grown in the last year! I hope all is well and that you are still finding excitement and fun in everything you do!