Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Evan scored lots of points for sending me gorgeous long-stemmed roses to enjoy during the week!

Our Valentine's Day this year was packed with festivities.

The kids came up with an idea to have a party!  Well, Wesley talks about having a party all the time, but when the idea for a Valentine's party was put on the table, Evan and I went with it and helped the kids create a low key breakfast party.

 They were each allowed to invite 3 friends.
This is Alessia who Wesley talks about a lot...

 We came up with a menu:  Heart shaped pancakes, bacon (very heart healthy!) and strawberry smoothies.

We decorated,

they made puzzle crafts,


they played games and decorated cupcakes.  

Afterall, it is the holiday of SUGAR!!!

 It was fun having a party that was combined with the two age groups.

 The older ones entertained the younger ones and the dynamic was fun!  I think having a Valentine's party is a great idea.  Spread the LOVE!


...Evan and I had been planning an adult party of sorts.  Last year, we went to ICE for a 
Romantic Couples Cooking Class which was very entertaining and lots of fun.  We had the great idea to do it ourselves this year with 4 couples and Evan was the chef.  Everyone participated in preparing a wonderfully delicious menu that Evan came up with.  It was really fun to cook as couples and enjoy the evening together.

The menu:

Hearts of Palm Salad with Beets
Truffle Leek Lasagnette
Filet Mignon with Merlot reduction & frizzled mushrooms
Steamed Aspargus
Truffle Filled Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Lovely ladies: Liz, Jane, Anne, Annalee

Hardworking men: Bill, Evan, Kai

Cris prepping the herbs & shallots

Evan finishing off the Merlot reduction

The delicacy filled table awaiting us!  Jane, bedding sylist extraordinaire delighted us with a beautiful table setting!

The guys pulled off making the chocolate cakes that each couple shared!  I have to say Cris has some wicked cake decorating skills!!!  Good job, men!

My Valentine:
Be MINE! xoxo

*** if anyone is interested in the recipes, leave a comment and I'll email the doc to you!


Allison said...

Remind me again why I moved away from you?

Grandma Linda said...

It all sounded good. I think I may have the leek truffle lasagna one, but the others....nope.

Michelle said...

Your dinner looks absolutely amazing!