Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Bye, Liz

Central Park, Sept 2001

I guess there's a lot of buzz from a certain 86 year old being laid off.

So far, I've gotten calls from Reuters, the NY Observer and my father looking for a statement today.

Will the calls, letters and publicity packets cease to come now that she's throwing in the towel?

I'll miss you, my friend.  2am calls from freaks who just finished your book and need to get answers will never be the same now.  And the call from a certain old boyfriend from 50 years ago was a touching story, but alas I still couldn't help him either. It was fun getting calls from Kevin Spacey's office and invitations to galas in Florida.  Most callers were amazed that someone could actually have the same name as you and tried to assure themselves that I wasn't "Liz Smith the columnist."  Yes, I'm sure.   

But I AM Liz Smtih the blogger.  Read ON!

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Lauren said...

I had to read this twice. That's fabulous that you got a picture with her. How did you meet her?