Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tank Top Update

Remember the little Red Tank Top incident last week? Well, I thought I'd give you all a little recap on my conversation with Sophia the other day. Here it goes:

Sophia: Mommy, what are you looking at? (me looking at my newly crafted blog)

Mommy: (my heart skips a beat, this is the time for "the talk!") Oh, it's my new blog where I can post pictures and interesting things that happen to our family. I wanted to show you something. (scrolling up to "the" incriminating picture...)
See, I got a picture from one of the mothers the day she brought in the Polar Express Train Cake and read the story. Do you remember that day?

Sophia: Uh huh. Let me see.

Mommy: (a few seconds pass as I let her get a good look at it) (matter-of-factly)Are you wearing that shirt I told you to go up and change out of because it was too cold and that is better for the beach or pool anyway?

Sophia: "Maybe that's someone else in the picture."

Mommy: (not believing that Sophia isn't admitting being caught red handed, but coming up with even more connivery!!!! is that a word?!) Uh, I don't think so. I can see that it's you, Sophia and next time you need to listen to what Mommy says. It was wrong to disobey me like that. It's a cute t-shirt, though, isn't it?

Sophia: (sheepishly) Ok, sorry Mom. Yes, I really like it.

So there you have it! I was never in a million years expecting her response that it might be someone else!!! That was classic and she won't live that one down. I think I may bring it up at her wedding luncheon!

(by the way, this is a picture of a similar tank top I purchased at Gap. It says Inspi(red) on it. Hers says Glamou(RED) on it. Cute.)


Allison Smith said...

more like red for lil' devil.

tenacious d said...

Yeesh! That little pup! (As my mom would say.)

Kyndra said...

Love it - classic.

Dani said...

Ooo, she's a real thinker, and came up with a really good one! Watch out! I love that color red, it's my favorite.

Aunt Linda said...

Do you think the 'connivery' is genetic? I remember a couple of incidents from MY childhood.

Grandma Linda

Grandma Linda said...

Do you think the 'connivery' is genetic? I remember a couple of incidents from MY childhood.

(I am determined to get this entered as Grandma Linda)