Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been conned!

So, yesterday, I sent Sophia up to get dressed for school. She came down in a new bright red tank top that I got on clearance recently and jeans. Hardly appropriate snow weather attire, let alone school attire. We had a struggle and a fight and she finally went back up to change. (or so I thought) I thanked her for changing to something more appropriate and didn't think anything of it until I just got some pictures sent to me innocently by one of the mothers in the classroom that was there for a holiday event. What do I see, but my scantily clad daughter sitting in the middle of appropriately dressed for winter kids. And now all the mothers are going to see this picture and what are they going to think of my mothering abilities? What are the chances for her that someone would be in the classroom that day taking pictures and I'd find out somehow? Too bad for Sophia, it's her unlucky day! Do I punish or just let it go?

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April said...

I have had this same experience myself only I was the one that snuck to school with clothing that my partents didn't want me to wear. Looking back on it I realized that I just wanted a little bit of say over my own body and how I looked. However I certainly wouldn't let it go, I mean I knew even way back then that if I got caught that I was gonna get it!!! Sophia is awfully cute. Wait until you get to the stage where they want to do their own hair for church. You really have to put what you think others are thinking of you on the back burner. I remember thinking that all the other mothers were looking at me as to why I would let my child go out of the house looking like they did. I now know that the ones who had already been through it were chuckling under their breath at my discomfort and the others that hadn't were in for their own dose of humble pie in a few years. Don't worry about what the other mothers think.