Friday, December 21, 2007

Proud Papa

I have to think one of Evan's happiest days was when his first son became enamored with Star Wars!  For those that know Evan, Star Wars was his first love. Wesley is following swiftly in his footsteps.  He loves everything Star Wars and wants to watch them over and over again.  For Christmas, he'll be getting his first real lightsaber, although he's had his eye on it for quite sometime, therefore the "envy."  (and I say real because he uses anything and everything he can find around the house to fill in as a lightsaber)  Little does Wesley know that he used to ride the elevator in our building with Qui-gon Jinn as a baby.  Someday, the stories we'll have to tell!


Kyndra said...

Will Evan still be my friend if he finds out I haven't seen any of the new Star Wars movies?

Christopher and Alicia said...

Haha! Hey Liz, this is Alicia - I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, even though I do peek at it from time to time. =) Anyway, I feel compelled to write because whenever I hear about another fellow Star Wars fan I have to connect! I rarely admit this, but I actually have read 5 of the Star Wars books, and haven't make it to 6 yet (I know, there are hundreds now, but I'm just interested in the original 6). I was once Padme Amidala for Halloween and if Christopher would let me, I just might name a child Anakin. THAT'S what a nerd I am, and THAT'S how much I love Star Wars! =) I hope you'll still be my friend. =) Merry Christmas! I am loving your blog, it's so fun. =)