Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Winter Thaw...

This snowflake looks way too cheery for how oppressive the weather was last week!!!

As last weekend was approaching, the thermometers were dipping into the 20s, then the teens, then a final threat of a possible 0.  You know what I said?  We're out of here!  And so we went!  I scooped up my kids and took off to California where the temperature was a dreamy 83 degrees when we landed in Burbank!!!  It was heaven.

Hello California...notice the attire...BLISS!!! ;-)

Our purpose was to escape the cold, visit family and just plain THAW!

We had some spontaneously fun activities...

We had an adventure in Griffith Park on a Faery Hunt  in the rustic trails of the mountain.  The kids enjoyed the interactive activity and spectacle of faeries and trolls and gnomes popping out from behind trees and under bridges and following the storyline.

Then we enjoyed some great Authenic Mexican food in West Hollywood at El Coyote.  You might recognize it from Prop 8 fame last year where one of the owners donated to the cause and then the West Hollywood crowd went into a tizzy over it and did some boycotts, etc. Delicious and funky fun atmosphere.  It's a great W. Hollywood institution!

The kids couldn't get enough of swimming and being free of their 50 layers like they have here to survive.  I loved not having to bundle them up and just letting them play outdoors for hours on end!

Oh, also, one highlight for our family is reconnecting to our roots.  My family is Jewish and whenever we are out there on a Friday, I always look forward to the singing and challah and grape juice and the ritual of gathering at a beautiful table for Shabbat dinner.  It's so fun for the kids to play with their CA cousins.

This was taken with my phone...oops!

On Sunday, we had a great time with our Simi Valley family!  The kids were so excited to see their grandparents and cousins.  Grandpa took all 3 kids to the park, while grandma and I tried to recreate my Moroccan B'steeya and sort of failed. Oops!  It's a good thing it was just a practice run for her dinner in a few months.  Better luck next time! ;-)  (Sorry, no Simi pictures this time.)

On the steps at my Aunt's in LA

Old friends reunited!

Then we headed to Las Vegas to visit some old friends, old, old friends that we adore from our time on 67th and Broadway days.  Rose and Sonny have been so good to us over the years and it looks like time may be coming to an end for our darling Rose, so a visit while she's still well was appropriate.  It was a short visit, but a good visit.  We hope to fit a few more in, ok?! (hint hint!)

Surprise visit to Rose on her 87th Birthday!

A trip to Vegas isn't complete without a visit to the Strip.  We had fun with our dear friends Kyndra, Lexie and Sterling hopping around to all of the attractions we could fit in.  We hit the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the Fountains at Bellagio and the festive seasonal Gardens.

Sophia's dream! A real chocolate fountain.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wesley & Lexie--can't wait to fast-forward 15 years from now!  ;-)

It was a great trip!  We felt happy to find the sun, but were even happier to come home to daddy and the comforts of home! xoxo


Dani said...

Now see -- you're a true Californian, heading straight to the mexican food. You made my mouth water and I'm wishing for an authentic mexican restaurant to appear here - most are only a step above Taco Bell [so they don't count!].

I love how you just pick up and go - you rock! ....but I am wondering why you didn't want to visit Ed DeBevicks? Do you think they might remember you? ;]

Kyndra said...

Next year we'll have to take a thaw trip together since I won't be in Vegas anymore! Just call it the annual THAW. I vote for Aruba.

Julie said...

Every time I read about one of your awesome, spontaneous adventures I recommit myself to do something like that. Then, I find myself reading the next one and realize I still haven't done anything. Here I sit. Recommitted. Looks like lots, and lots of WARM fun!