Monday, January 12, 2009

What Happens in Vegas... a rockin' good time! Last weekend was a long anticipated trip to Sin City to celebrate one of my best friends, Kyndra's birthday! She was converged upon by two coasts with Allison representing California. We miss the days of all hanging out in NY.

The weekend was chock full of fun activities and lots of "chick chat."  

Of course.

The original Charlie's Angels (at least one of us is...LOL)

Highlights: (the mentionable parts, at least)

In 'n Out
Nail Therapy
Mamma Mia Sing-a-long 2am style! (complete with Tide stick microphones!)
Making Fondue -- cheese AND chocolate!
Uncontrollable giggles and giddiness 
Switch Restaurant at the new Wynn's Encore Hotel


Cirque du Soleil's Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage!!!! <---highly recommended!

Happy Birthday, Kyndra!  And many more to come...AND reasons to celebrate!!!  COT 4-EVA!!!

On the flight home, Luke had a celebrity babysitter.  Richard Belzer from Law & Order was enchanted by Luke and didn't mind the toddler attention. The funny part was, I was oblivious as to who he was until I could tell there was a little buzz and chatter about him an hour into the flight then it dawned on me he was a celeb.  Luke even kept helping himself to his bag of Blue Chips-one by one.  He couldn't have been nicer about it!  It was entertaining watching the reaction of basically the whole plane since they all recognized him.  Luke also passed out magazines to all the passengers in rows 1-5.  Back and forth to the galley to retrieve more from the most cordial flight attendant, Edwin.  Thanks, JetBlue!  Plus the legroom is awesome!

One more indulgence:
Chocolate fountain--Bellagio


Allison said...

NO WAY!! I love that guy!

And that chocolate fountain.

And where are my iphone pics!

nyclizzie said...

He was so sweet and awesome! He had his whole family on the flight with him but kept giving Luke his undivided attention! Wish I had video because it was so hilarious. Just helpin' himself to his bag of chips. Where are the kids' manners?!

iPhone pics...on their way. Geez.

tenacious d said...

Your kids have a way of charming celebrities. Well, they're just plain charming to everyone (in my opinion), but wasn't Ralph Finnes a particular fan of Sophia whenever he'd see her on the elevator?

nyclizzie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about Ralph, but mostly Liam Neeson was enthralled with baby Sophia. She was very engaging on elevator rides.

Kyndra said...

I miss you already....but I don't have to miss you for long!!! COT sistas 4-EVA!

Denise said...

So rad...