Monday, April 28, 2008

He LOVES me!

My DH listened to my hints and now I have a new baby...

(...and this one doesn't keep me up at night with its teething and diaper changes!!!)

I have to say I am in love with this technological creation! It is:

a) pretty
b) chock full of fun things to do
c) a phone, but oh so much more!
d) a babysitter (hello, youTube!!!)
e) MINE!

The day was perfect:

Morning: a great garage sale where I got two cute new wrought iron beds for the guest room and then dumpster diving at GAP. Did you know that they just throw away those huge oversized frames around the store? How could I let them leave such a big carbon footprint with that "garbage", so I took a few to save the universe. (about the amount that Evan might not notice)

Afternoon: Came home to a darling birthday cake made by 8 loving hands and a set of 3 and 7 candles, and interestingly placed sprinkles. It was precious and delicious! Then all of the presents: artwork compliments of Sophia & Wesley, then the grand present! (see above)

Evening: The best Visiting Teacher EVER arrived on my doorstep promptly at 5pm so that Evan and I could have a night on the town. We took the Mini down to SoHo and just wandered, shopped and ate. It was divine! Got some fun gadgets at Sur La Table, then had a delicious dinner at Ideya, a Latin Bistro and finished it off with a trip to pinkberry! Have you tried pinkberry yet?! YUM!

Thanks for all the calls, notes and well wishes! 37 is going to be a great year!


Dani said...

Sounds like you had such a great day...and I love your new toy. How fun is that!

I'm with Wesley - adult themed bday parties [mmm, clarification here] of the childlike sort, i.e. princess, spiderman, Cars etc. would be hilarious! Keeps you feeling young. Might just have to do that for Lester this year.

Thanks Wesley, you've got me thinking now! :)

tenacious d said...

You were spoiled in the best way possible. Hope it's the start of an awesome new year! Love ya!

nyclizzie said...

Just for the record: the birthday party was only Evan, Sophia, Wesley and Luke. If it had been a bigger party, maybe there would have been a theme! Wesley is still getting over the fact that he insisted on having Spiderman wrapping paper for Evan's birthday presents last year to the point of tears. Oh to be 3 again!