Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does April Fool's last all month?!?!

Have you ever had things happening around you and you keep looking for the Candid Camera or Punk'd team to come out and say, hahaha, gotcha!??!?!

Last week, our cat Dolce started showing signs of a very infected mouth, so we took him to the Vet which ended up referring him to an oral surgeon in the Vet realm.  (Don't ask, just think lots of $$$$$$) Dolce, Luke and I arrived at Dr. Surgeon's office. (yes, that's really his name)  He pulled Dolce out of his carrier and I proceeded to pet him to calm him down.  The Dr. practically dove across the examining room to get my hand to stop caressing the cat because he was A L L E R G I C to cats.  Yes, a Vet that is allergic to cats!!!  I couldn't think of anything more ironic.  He immediately started wheezing and into a full blown attack as we was explaining to me how he was going to treat Dolce's mouth and all I could do was look at him in between his coughs and guttural throat clearings and think, "OK Ashton, you can come out now with your cameras!"  I really thought this doctor was putting one over on me.  Wouldn't you think he would take a proactive Claritin knowing that a CAT was coming in that day?!  I mean it was getting progressively worse as time went on.  I finally said, "Ok, do what you need to do and call me when I need to come get him."  I just wanted to get out of there so I could call Evan!

Then, I can't get over the fact that our pet Beta named Sparkle is a trick fish.  He knows how to play dead!  I'm not kidding!  Often, when I go downstairs in the morning to get breakfast going, I look over and Sparkle is on his side and I think, "Ok, today's the day that the fish gets flushed!"  But when I reach over to tap the glass, he spooks and goes swimming around his bowl!  OK, I know dogs, cats, horses and other animals that do the side sleep, but really, have you ever heard of a fish that sleeps on his side?!  When he really does die one day, I am apt not to believe him!  We should have named him "Wolfie."


Kyndra said...

I am dying over Dr. Surgeon. Seriously? What in the world! My cousin's husband is applying to vet school and on the applications they say something to the effect of, "you understand that in this field you must deal directly with animals and touch them." Maybe they should tell people that if they have allergies to the animals they will be working with, that they SHOULDN'T BE IN THIS FIELD!

tenacious d said...

Yeah, wth??

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the laughs---it brought me back to our trip to London on the double decker bus with the German tourists. :)