Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Lily is COMING! Anyone want a session?!

Blue Lily is an awesome viral Photographer!  I say viral because her business has become so well known and exploded all over the blogger world.  I don't have to say much because her work screams for itself.  She is simply amazing and creative and humble and fun and she loves me, so of course I think she ROCKS!

Anyway, to my point--- she is on her way to NY right this minute for a traveling photo session promotion for 5 days. She is doing urban shots in TriBeCa and nature shots in Central Park. 

I just talked to her and while her schedule is mostly full, she has a few openings left, so if you're interested in a last minute photo shoot, shoot me a comment and I'll hook you up. (or contact her through her site & say you want the "Liz Special!")  She's willing to cut her rate significantly on these last few openings just to fill up, so better hurry!  

For a gallery of her work, go here.

For her blog and more information about her traveling sessions, go here.

For one of my top 5 favorite Blue Lily shoots, go here!

Be prepared to be blown away!


Jaime said...

Liz - I am interested! PLease hook me up!

Rebecca said...

Liz, I'm interested in the Sunday 5:15 slot. Is it still available? And where in central park exactly? Rebecca Jennejohn 917.816.5194

nyclizzie said...

Jaime? Roddy, Rassmussen or Fairbairn? Help!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I love her stuff.

nyclizzie said...

I know, she makes everyone look like a supermodel or rockstar! Her shoots are so playful and interesting.

Lauren said...

I am soo sad we missed her. We ended up going to Spain as a last minute mother's day surprise. Is she going to be back any time soon?

Lauren said...

One more thing, where did she take the pictures? We should go downtown when school gets out and take pictures.