Monday, August 11, 2008

A weekend without CRYING...

...yep, Evan and I experienced a whole weekend without crying!!!  That's because we were delighted to get AWAY....alone!

We escaped to a place neither of us had ever been....PRINCETON, NJ.

Our impressions of Princeton were very favorable.  The town was quaint, the food was delicious, the lodging was great, the company was excellent and the drive was short.

We were smitten with the campus of the University.  We really felt like we had stepped into England as we walked around the dorms and various buildings.  It even made us miss college life a little.

This is one of the dorm buildings.  Lovely, just lovely!

There is an ad on tv for one of the nearby destination casinos (Foxwoods) where there is a couple that walks in the door for a weekend there and immediately unzips their exhausted, spent, frumpy selves and hands their molted layers to the bellboy and immediately takes off to experience all the fun, excitement and relaxation the place has to offer and then when they go to leave to go home, the bellboy asks, "do you want these back?" and of course their reply is "no way!"  That is how we felt this weekend...REJUVENATED!

**ps...anyone who can find that ad online for me, I'll send them a treat.  I couldn't locate it. ;-)

We had a great time at the pool, reading, watching the Olympics and getting relaxing massages at the Koi Spa.

This pretty much sums up the trip:

So we did a self-portrait with the camera and missed our whole faces, get the idea!

Thanks for a great weekend, Evan!  xoxo


molly and kc oliver said...

Liz that looks like you had a great weekend away! I don't know when my mom will take a break from work to call you, but we are planning to come to NYC on Sept. 25-28 and were wondering if we could come hangout on Thursday the 25th? I am sure my mom is going to call you soon- hopefully you will be in town!

Laura B. said...

One word...divine!

Dani said...

I don't think you could have taken a better picture of the two of you - I LOVE IT!! It captured the love you share and peace you found! :)

Princeton looks amazing!

Allison said...

looove princeton. sooo, since charlie doesn't read your blog unless i tell him too, i'm planning a surprise getaway too for his b-day in november. time alone is soooo necessary. glad you guys took some for yourselves.

and looooove the pic.

lisapow said...

Such a great shot of you both!!!

Sam said...

That looks great--Jamie says Princeton is gorgeous, and your photos back that up. What a great escape.

Becky said...

i love that picture! wow - what a fun weekend!

Dani said...

.....I miss you......where didya go?