Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ready to ROLL!

The morning of our trip, Evan and I chose to sleep in as opposed to getting an early start.  Sophia had different plans and came into our room bright and early to announce it was the day we were going to VERMONT and kept dancing around our room!  I kept trying to brush her off to get another 5 minutes of sleep but I couldn't find her snooze button and she was just so excited to get going so I had the great idea to tell her to go pack. (that should take a good 30 minutes!)  She agreed and came rolling back to our room to alert us that she was ready!  My interest was piqued and so I opened my eyes to see what her version of "being packed for a 5 day trip" was.

Contents of pink fuzzy rolling suitcase:

1 pair of fuzzy slippers
1 pair of Tevas (for the swimming pool, but no swimsuit?!)
1 pair cheetah ski pants
2 books to entertain her brothers, one with stickers
1 large box of princess motif kleenex (took up a good third of the small rollerboard)
5 hair elastics

Oh to be 6 and carefree again!  
Every time we used the Kleenex, Sophia made a point to tell us, "See, aren't you glad I brought that!?"  Yep Sophia, thanks for looking out for us!  You're the best!


lisapow said...

That is so great!!!

Kyndra said...

DIVA - all caps! That's what you have :-)

tenacious d said...

She didn't pack the red tank top?

Allison Smith said...

who needs bathing suits anyway?

nyclizzie said...

Did you say, "who needs bathing suits", Alli S?! ?!?!?! Maybe we won't go on vacation with you afterall! LOL

Lynita said...

Looks like she packed all the essentials! She is such a cute girl!