Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sophia is 8 TODAY!

Eight is one of those milestones. I vividly remember this day, eight years ago today! It was a balmy NYC day. Fall hadn't yet touched the city and the night before, I went to bed not feeling any different than the previous 9 months, which is not encouraging being almost 2 weeks overdue. I woke up an hour after I had retired to bed to a warm puddle of water! Yay, that moment you dream about had arrived!!! The first sign of labor! Evan and I were so anxious for our long awaited bundle of joy to come after so many heartaches and emotional rollercoaster rides with trying to maintain a pregnancy. As you can imagine, we were delighted to receive a beautiful perfect baby girl just 12 hours later who immediately had it all together! She got with the program of our lifestyle and brought us so much joy and excitement to our days. She was a people person right off the bat and she ruined it for the next siblings with her impeccable sleeping habits.

We love you Sophia and the talent and love your bring into our family. Your are an amazing nurturer and have many promising skills with the Arts! Today marks the day that you start another journey of learning a new instrument--the violin! I love how you tackle new things with vigor and enthusiasm and maintain your other talents. May you always cultivate a love for learning new things, expanding your horizons and loving your family as much as you do-- although it is hard sometimes ;-)!!!

8 is GREAT!

Sophia--15 minutes old, September 30, 2001, NYC