Thursday, March 5, 2009

I turn my back for one MINUTE...

...and this is what happens!

I made dinner for a friend who had surgery this week and while I was on the phone coordinating the delivery, I see Luke skyrocket past me with a chunky handful of the cake I made to complete the dinner.  I ended the conversation and returned to the kitchen to see the damage.  It was bad.  

Quick thinking led me to this presentation instead...

One more point for Team MOM!

So if you're ever delivered a bundt cake this way, this is probably what happened!  haha

Good to be flexible and forgiving because remember THIS  that happened earlier this week?  This kid is KILLIN' me!!!  And he BITES.  When will it end?!

But he's so darn cute and very lovable, so we'll keep him!  But please grow out of this stage SOON!!! xoxo