Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, WESLEY!

Dear Wesley,

Four amazing years have passed by, it's hard to believe!  You are such a fun loving charming boy.  I'm loving your personality and how you get so attached to your toys!  I've heard of kids sleeping with their stuffed animals, but I find it so endearing to see you tucked in bed with your Speed Racer cars held tightly--one in each hand as you're sound asleep!  Your smile is so genuine.  Thank you for caring about me and wanting to always be close.  It was so cute today when you were ahead of me on the trail and you turned around to ask, "Mom, are you ok?!"  I hope you always maintain that great quality to look after your MOM!

You have an amazing memory.  I love how you know all about Sharks and which ones are the most dangerous.  Who knew there was one called a "Wobbegong" or a "Basking?"  You certainly do.  It's so fun to listen to you talk about all the insects you know all about.

I love how you play with Sophia & Luke!  When you all get the giggles together, it's heaven on earth!  May you always be friends like you are now.

Here's to many many more Happy Birthdays, Wesley!  Now that you're 4, I think you should  be able to sleep in your own bed all night, though! ;-)


Fourth Birthday Party at Opening Day of WALL E

At the Interactive Bob Dylan Exhibit at the Skirball Museum, Los Angeles 2008

Fall 2007

Oakland Beach, 2007
Credit: Smith Chick Photography 

Monday, June 23, 2008


It's that time of year--the culmination of the year's efforts!  Sophia had her ballet recital this weekend and it was so fun to watch her improvement through the last year's blood, sweat and tears! The recital was nearly 2 hours long, but she loved watching every minute of it.  Thankfully, the boys were at home peacefully playing with the babysitter!

Good job, Sophia! Daddy and I are so proud of you! xoxo

Here are the highlight photos:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chocolate & the CITY!

Whenever my friend Anne has an idea for a party, there is always a level of fabulous to it!  I think this is one of the reasons that we hit it off so well from the 7 years that we have known each other!  We both have the motto: MAKE IT MEMORABLE. This week was our friend Chrysula's 40th birthday and Anne had the wonderful idea to surprise her with a chocolate tour of the City in a limo!  I was so excited after I got the invitation that the anticipation was almost as fun as the actual event!

10 of Chysula's friends arrived in their NY summer flirty attire and we embarked on a fun-filled 2 hour voyage in style!  Anne mapped out and researched 20 of the City's top chocolate boutiques hoping to hit them all, but the NYC traffic didn't allow it.  It didn't faze us though, we just enjoyed the traveling party with stops at 6 major chocolatiers plus Anne catered a gourmet picnic we toted along and ate in between stops complete with diet coke and sparkling water served in champagne flutes--pure class!  And who could forget that deliciously zesty pad thai served in darling colorful chinese take out containers and chopsticks?!

Highlights of the tour were the champagne truffles at Teuscher, the mini Rochers from La Maison du Chocolat and the wicked frozen chocolate with ancho and chipotle chili peppers at Jacques Torres--interesting and intense!
Chrysula, thanks for turning 40 in style!  You are the epitome of class and loveliness!  xoxo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sophia's been published!

Sophia's had the great fortune of having two teachers in a row that are part of a writer's workshop program from Columbia University.  This year they each wrote and illustrated an essay and Mrs. Lee had them bound into a professional book for each of the students!  The parents were invited to the author's party yesterday for the unveiling of the book entitled, "Best Friends!"  Each student wrote about their best friends both animate and inanimate.  It was so darling to hear them each read their page and to see the hard work that they put into their story!  

It was a great exercise in public speaking as well as showcasing their work. 

Sophia wrote about her BFF Halle Kate who moved to Texas when we moved to Westchester.

Sophia & Halle Kate age 3 1/2 Central Park

Here is the video of her reading.  Great content if you're a grandparent!  LOL

Great job, Sophia!
(And yes, that IS a tank top she is wearing at school.  I'm much more comfortable with it when it's not snowing outside!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Night in Tuscany

Evan and I offered a dinner hosted in our home for a Service Auction a few months ago. We finally found a date that worked for everyone and made it happen last week. I thought I'd post the yummy dinner we prepared.  The lucky bidders were the Gibbs, the Jensons, and superstar Erin Thorn!  (check out this link, she really is amazing!)

We started off with two kinds of bruschetta, portobello with parsley and cannellini sage. (sorry, no photo, but just imagine toasted goodness packed with lots of flavor!)

The first course was an asparagus red pepper risotto, an Evan original based on techniques he learned in Tuscany.

Then I did a insalata mista in prosciutto cups. (mixed salad in prosciutto cups)

The main course was a pork roast with prunes in a honey glaze with roasted apples and new potatoes.

The grand finale was our favorite Crostata di Frutta (fruit tart with pastry creme)

Evan and I are a great team.  We love cooking together!  Buon Appettito!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a great Father's Day Weekend away on the shores of CT.  Here is a cute video I captured of Luke on the beach.

The ward where we spent Father's Day morning in Madison had the cutest idea to honor the fathers of the ward.  They baked 13 homemade pies and had them all cut and set out on plates in the cultural hall after church. The chairs were arranged in a few curved rows facing the middle of the hall and the partition accordion doors were closed.  After each father picked out his pie and sat, the doors were opened up to several rows of their primary children singing the sweetest Father's Day Songs both original and standard.  It was such a darling effect.  The pie was only for them and they all loved it!

Wesley made Evan a cake and a cute card that told him what he loved about him and what he loves to do with Evan and Sophia made Evan a tie that was decorated including his AGE and an essay about what she loves about Evan. And Luke just whined and giggled a lot on Sunday! We love you, Daddy Evan!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost FAMOUS...

After much anticipation, my big debut is finally ready!  You can see another 3:12 minutes of my "fame."(I think we're over the 4 minute mark by now, aren't we?!)  Only I'm not convinced it's really me.  I think they used a very realistic body double, and they put a fat suit on her!  Just kidding.  Great incentive to get fit when you see yourself on TV!  I have to say, I think I miss the days of rolling around in the pork mobile last Winter!  Wesley asked me today why we got rid of our "sthicker car!" It was fun to relive it in this spot.  Enjoy!

And before you think my days in the limelight are over, beware!!! Westchester 12 wants to do an interivew on me...I just need to get on the radio and then I'll be the Queen of all Media! LOL

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Luke!

Yay!  Luke is ONE!  He can even show you with his finger when you ask him!

Luke is pure entertainment to the family.  We love watching his milestones.  And it's fun to have him join in the family tickle monster wrestles.

He is on the road to be a politician or pageant queen someday, I'm sure.  He loves to wave at anyone and everyone who he can engage!  It's quite the spectacle at Costco.

He has mastered the social laugh.  Whenever he hears someone laughing even in the other room, he cackles along. 
He is a gentle giant. 

I'm going to miss his waddle crawl now that he's starting to walk.  As he goes across the floor his toes turn up and his hips swing side to side!

I'm not going to miss the social biting phase, however!  He got both me AND Wesley yesterday really badly!  Let's hope he outgrows this phase by Preschool!

I love that he cries when the cleaning lady, Estela leaves.  He certainly has a crush on her!

I love that he eats most anything that is placed before him. Vegetables, Meats, Fruits, Grains, Cheeses! He is an adventurous eater, so he fits right in with the family.

Here's to many more years to come!  We love you, Lukey!